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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board Members

Sinyi Realty Inc.’s Board of Directors (the “BOD”) is comprised of 7 distinguished directors including 4 independent directors with a great breadth of expertise in business management, law, finance, accounting, and business operation. During the 2019 AGM, the Company's shareholders selected a female independent director. The number of independent directors is in excess of 50% of the total number of director seats. 

Hsueh Chien-Ping
Hsueh Chien-Ping
  • The Company’s vice Chairperson
  • The Company’s General manager
  • EMBA, National Taiwan University
  • Department of Business Administration, National Cheng-Kung University
Other Position
  • CEO of platform business of Sinyi Group
Chou Chun-Chi
Chou Chun-Chi
  • The Company’s President
  • Bachelor, Dept. of Law, Chinese Culture University
Other Position
  • Chairperson of the Company
  • Chairperson of An-Sin Real Estate Management Ltd.
  • Director of An-Shin Real Estate Management Ltd.
  • Director of Sinyi Real Estate (Shanghai) Limited
  • Director of Jiuxin Real Estate (Wuxi) Limited
  • Director of Sinyi Real Estate Consulting Co. Ltd.
  • Supervisor of Kun Gee Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
  • Executive Director of Commerce Development Research Institute
  • Chairperson of Sinyi Culture Foundation
Jhan Hong-Chih
Independent Director
Jhan Hong-Chih
  • Publisher of PC Home Publications Group.
  • Editor of Wonshine version of United Daily News.
  • President of Cite’ Publishing Group
  • General Manager and Editor in chief of Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.
  • Bachelor, Dept. of Economic, National Taiwan University
Other Position
  • Chairperson of PChome online Inc.
  • Chairperson of PChomePay Inc.
  • Chairperson of PChomestore Inc.
  • Independent Director of Asmedia Technology Inc.
  • Independent Director of Lion Travel Service Co., Ltd.
  • Chairperson of PChome eBay Co., Ltd.
  • Chairperson of Linktel Inc.
Hong San-Xiong
Independent Director
Hong San-Xiong
  • Chairperson of Waterland Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Independent Director of Aurora Group
  • Chairperson of International Bills Finance Corp.
  • Chairperson of Taiwan Asset Management Corporation
  • Independent Director of China Steel Inc.
  • Director of China Airlines Co., LTD.
  • Chairperson of Taiwan Financial Asset Service Corporation
  • Bachelor, Dept. of Law, National Taiwan University
Other Position
  • Chairperson of Waterland Securities Co., Ltd.
  • Chairperson of Waterland Futures Co., Ltd.
  • Director of Waterland Securities Venture Capital
  • Director of Waterland Financial Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Director of Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Chairpersonof Taipei Shung-Chin Fundation
Yen Lou-Yu
Independent Director
Yen Lou-Yu
  • Vice Chairperson and General
  • Manager of Vincera Capital
  • Chief Strategy Officer, Partnership of Customers and Market of Deloitte & Touche(China)
  • Partnership of Deloitte & Touche (Taiwan)
  • General Manager of Deloitte & Touche Management Consulting
  • Master, Dept. of Accounting, National Cheng Chi University
Other Position
  • Independent Director of Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd.
  • Independent Director of Eslite Spectrum Corp. Ltd.
  • Independent Director of Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Director of Social Enterprise Insights Corp.
  • Legal Representative Director of Chinese Television Service Corp.
  • Director of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund (Taiwan)
Lee Yi-Li
Independent Director
Lee Yi-Li
  • Senior Vice President of Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited, Global Enterprise Division
  • Vice President, Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank
  • Manager of Citibank Taiwan LTD.
  • Master of Business Administration, Rutgers University
  • BBA in Finance, National Taiwan University
Other Position
  • Vice Chairperson, Maywufa Co, Ltd.
  • Director, PhytoHealth Corp.
  • Director and CEO, AmCad BioMed Corp.
  • Director, Broadsound Corp.
  • Director of Maywufa Cosmetics (Shanghai) Ltd.
  • Director, Taiwan Incubator SME Development Corporation
  • Director of Lutna Corporation
  • Supervisor, The Taiwan Bio Industry Organization
Chou Ken Yu
  • Director of Yu Hao Co., Ltd.
  • Master of Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University
Other Position
  • The Company’s Senior Manager of Real Estate Agent Division

Diversification of Board Member

The 2019 objective of diversification of BOD members is to increase female and young directors. After the re-election of the Company’s BOD members on May 24, 2019, we have another new female director, Ms. Li Yi-Ii, less than the age of 50, as an independent director. With working experience in foreign banks for many years and has served as a director or general manager in other listed companies, Ms. Li Yi-li shall provide us more innovative and young concepts and rigorous risk management suggestions derived from working in the foreign bank. In response to the Company's business development, the Company shall aim at the “directors with backgrounds and hands-on experiences accumulated in real property development-oriented industries or recreational tourism industry in the Board of Directors of the 14th Session”.For more information about the diversification policy of members of the board of directors, please refer to the Company annual report.

Director Training Status

Selections of the members to the Board of Directors seats

Here at Sinyi Realty Inc., we started the perspective of corporate governance and entrepreneurial heritage quite many years ago. We introduced an independent director system as early as 2004. We set up the Audit Committee in 2007, established the Remuneration Committee in 2009. In 2013, the number of Sinyi’s independent directors was four, in excess of half of the total number of board of directors seats at seven (7). In very early years, we set the sound system that the tenure of office of independent directors should not exceed nine (9) years in maximum to prevent potential damage to the independence. Furthermore, the Nominating Committee was established in 2017 to help the Sinyi Group in checking and verifying the professional backgrounds of the director nominees (such as law, accounting, industry-related knowledge, finance, marketing, or technology) as well as professional expertise (e.g. operational judgment ability; accounting and financial analysis ability; management ability; crisis processing capacity; industry knowledge; the comprehensive of international market; leadership; decision-making ability). That Committee further helps us check and verify the qualification requirements for senior executives in their promotion. Many practices had been virtually carried out by Sinyi Group before requirements by the government authorities. Through such sound practice, we have significantly optimized the performance of the Board of Directors.

In addition to professional backgrounds and professional expertise, the Company's board of directors members should further possess the expertise required by the Company's business planning and business undertakings. To help the Board of Directors members enhance the professionalism and continuous improvement, given the scope beyond the professional capabilities of the directors to choose and cover such professional courses in finance, risk management, business, commerce, legal affairs, accounting, corporate social responsibility, or internal control systems related to the nature of the company's business undertakings, we arrange and required each and every Board of Directors member to receive and complete at least six (6) hours of refresher and advanced study every year. Thanks to such sound planning and system, all board of directors members will keep themselves abreast of the up-to-date know-how required for the industry.

Here at Sinyi Group, we launched the chairperson succession plan quite many years ago, cultivating the Company's internal senior executives to enter the Board of Directors and familiarize them with the operation of the board of directors. Besides, routinely, we have tried to expand their participation in the operating units of the Group, and experience in job rotation, assignment, and the like. Finally, after the full re-election of the Board of Directors members in May 2019, exactly in the same month, Chairperson Chou Chun-Chi successfully handed over his chairmanship to Mr. Hsueh Chien-Ping, the former General Manager and Vice-Chairperson of the Company. Former Chairperson Chou Chun-Chi, who is the very founder of Sinyi Group, currently serves as the Company's director. The Company shall plan to set up the talent pool of independent directors in 2021 to select the appropriate candidates in the future.