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Sustainability Development

Sustainability Development

Road to Net Zero Emissions

The Company, to fulfill its sustainability goals and balance economic, social and environmental factors, in accordance with “Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies”, with its policy “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for Sinyi Realty Inc. ” approved in the Board of Directors in December, 2010 and reported at 2015 annual general shareholders' meeting for revision. The Company pays attention to the sustainable development of domestic/overseas enterprises at all times so as to review and improve the Corporate Governance of the Company. The Company sets up the vision of “fulfilling our dedication toward the society and achieving world-class service giant” and six rules of sustainable operation. At the Board of Directors meeting convened in December 27th 2023, TEM Committee assigned the Office of Sustainable Development  reported on the implementation in all aspects related to the stakeholders in 2023. The chairman of the board of directors said that in response to "Sinyi Realty 2030 Net Zero Emissions", the management team should focus more on energy conservation and carbon reduction issues and formulate specific measures.


A dedicated unit for CSR

The Company has set up the Total Ethics Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as "TEM Committee") which coordinates the Company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development goals. On a regular basis, the TEM Committee checks and verifies the Company's performance and its achievement of the established goals; reports to the Board of Directors every year about the promotion and planning in implementation status. In ordinary times, General Manager's Office is responsible for the Company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) related major management themes to look into the issues of concern of the major stakeholders identified by the Company, including customers, colleagues, shareholders, society, environment, and suppliers.

Stakeholders Engagement

Stakeholders Issues of
Our Responses Frequency of
  • Water Management
  • Greenhouse Gas
  • Climate Change
  • Environment and
    Energy Management
  • Everyday Supervision
  • Once a year
  • Employment
  • Talent Training
  • Remuneration
    and Benefits
  • Talent Cultivation
    and Development
  • Benefits and
    Retirement plans
  • Occupational Safety
Irregular Announcement
on benefit-related infos
  • Service Innovation
  • Digital Resilience
  • Transaction Security
  • Protecting Customer's right
  • Exceptional Service and Innovation
24-hour call center service
  • Community Building Activities
  • Donations
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Holding Community Actitvities
  • Cultivating Corporate Ethics
  • Implementation of Board of  Directors
  • Operation of the
  • Distribution of Dividends
  • Shareholders' Meeting
  • Investors' Conference
  • Information
  • Once a year
  • Once a season
  • Irregular Announcement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Image
  • Performance Evaluation
  • ESG Commitment
Once a year



New Talent Oriented Program-We provide a guaranteed NT$50,000 monthly salary for the first six months, ensuring these new-hired sales can feel at ease as they learn about the real estate industry and develop the service skills needed to keep customers satisfied. After the probationary period is due at the 30th day, the Company will provide those who are not accustomed and want to leave withe the monthly salary of NT$50,000 and additional NT$50,000 for helping them switching their jobs.
One-third of Net Profits Shared with Employees-If the company enjoys a profit in a given year, one-third of after-tax net profit is set aside for end-of-year employee’s bonuses and annual performance bonuses, a concrete realization of the spirit of profit sharing.
Discounts on Service Fees for Property Purchases or Sales
  • Employees and their spouses and dependent children will not be charged service fees when commissioning the company for property purchases.
  • Employees and their spouses, parents, and children will enjoy a discounted service fee of 2% of total price when commissioning the company to sell property.
Flexible Benefits – Sinfu Coin-Sinfu Coin is a system that allows employees to choose the welfare items they need. The projects given are also becoming more individual and diversified due to differences in personal needs. We would achieve the purpose of enhancing recognition and satisfaction with the organization.
ESOP (Formal employees only)-We offer employees a share of their earnings, with bonuses of between NT$500 and NT$700 paid out each month in line with each staff member’s investment.
Childbirth Grants for Employees-Employees who have completed a year of employment who have a second (or later) child are entitled to a grant of NT$120,000 per child, paid out in monthly installments over the course of a year.
Physical Health Check-ups-Each time staff complete two years with the company, they are entitled to one public health Check-ups. Staff aged 40 or above are eligible each year, and new hires receive a free physical examination upon commencement of employment. Staff dependents can also enjoy discounts on these same health checks.

Retirement System

Exactly in accordance with the requirements by laws and ordinances concerned, appropriate 6% of their monthly pays into the individual account opened with the Bureau of Labor Insurance for newly employees newly hired starting from July 1, 2005 and employees who have chosen new system Labor Pension Act. For the existent employees who continually choose the old pension system regulations and for the service seniority retained under the old system of employees who choose new pension regulations. Our pension system as of the end of 2023 is in compliance with the regulatory requirements and sufficient to cover the colleagues applicable to the previous system by the end of 2024.

Occupational Health and Safety

Sinyi extends our care for workers, and takes the influence to the supply chain system. Workers include Sinyi employees and employees of key suppliers, whoever works in Sinyi’s workplace and other suppliers. Regulations and supplier sustainability clauses guarantee health and safety for workers and the occupational safety and health management system covers 100%.
Workplace Safety Analytics-In an effort to implement thoroughly the concept of promoting colleagues' occupational safety, we self-produced a 1-hour online course on occupational safety and health and listed it as a compulsory item, and invited experts to the company to conduct occupational safety lectures.  The relevant training hours and attendance facts are as enumerated:One hour per Occupational safety and health management course-1,032 attendees(newly-hired); 5,030 attendees(existing employees). 

Human Right Policies

Since the establishment of Sinyi, we has always upheld our "people-oriented" spirit of trustworthiness, recognizing and voluntarily following the "United Nations World Human Rights Declaration", the “United Nations Global Covenant”, the “United Nations Guiding Principles on Enterprise and Human Rights”, the “United Nations International Labour Organization” and other international human rights protection standards to prevent any violations of human rights. Sinyi treats all workers with dignity and respect by the "Sinyi Realty Human Rights Commitment". For more information about the above, please refer to our "Sinyi Sustainability" website.

(Sinyi Realty Human Rights Commitment, please see "human rights policy")


Environmental Sustainability

In 2023, Sinyi Realty once again obtained certificates of Carbon Neutrality, Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint, Energy/Environment/Water Resources Management System, Event Sustainability Management System.
In 2023, Sinyi Realty participated in CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and was awarded the highest grade "A".
In 2022, Sinyi Realty reduced about 3% of renewable energy.
Since 2021, Sinyi Realty has participated in the Net Zero 2030/2050 Initiative, and has committed to achieve the goal of Net Zero by 2030.
In 2021, Sinyi Realty has set a science-based target approved by SBTi to keep warming to 1.5°C.
In 2021, the headquarters building and all branches of Sinyi Realty respond to the international “Earth Hour” event.
Sinyi Realty chooses to focus on the impact of climate change, implement climate-related risk manage in compliance with the TCFD structure of “governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets”, to reveal climate-related risk management to enhance climate resilience, promote sustainable business operations and integrate industry forces and all human power to resolve disasters caused by “climate emergency”. (Further details please refer to Sinyi CSR "Climate-related Risks and Opportunities")

Supplier Management  

Supplier Management Mechanisms

  • Our green procurement exceeded NTD30 million from 2021 to 2023, and we were recognized for consecutive 15 years by Taipei city government.
  • Sinyi Realty has been aware of issues in supply chain management such as forced labor, working environment safety, and corruption for a long time. For example: security or cleaning operations suppliers have a higher probability of forced labor. They should pay attention not to violate an upper limit of working hours in Labor Standards Act. For suppliers with large purchases and large amounts of money transaction have a greater risk of corruption. For the consignment suppliers, due to a large number of sign-posting staff, they have greater risk caused by the working environment. For example, staff must not continue to work at a high temperature of more than 32 degrees, and a relative humidity of more than 80%, or when a natural disaster occurs, and not stand in an important hub of dangerous traffic. For home suppliers provide decoration services, they must not work without safety protection equipment, and not work in dust, toxic gases environment.

Ongoing Execution

The ESG implementation review rate of key suppliers (including existing and new ones) reached 96.2%
100% signed the Supplier Sustainability Terms
Introduce ISO 20400

Supplier Risk Assessment

In 2022, we conducted 996 on-site visits to 132 key suppliers, and from the 98 CSR self-evaluation forms received, we have a clearer understanding of suppliers’ awareness of sustainability-related issues and the implementation and links to ESG.

Domestic cultural development and results  

Projecs and the its relevant results

  • The Company has been supporting the promotion of arts and culture development activities for a long time, and has provided cash sponsorship with the amount of NT$5,020 thousand to "Yu-Chien Tseng & Maestro Lan Shui's Concert" , "Literary Musical Theater-Song of Kasayama", "Our Theatre-Summertime Daze", "The 5th Taipei Music Academy & Festival", "OneSongOrchestra New Year's Concert", "Greenray Theatre - Light Moments". Taking "Our Theatre-Summertime Daze" for example, the Company invited 600 persons from 4 local schools and residents to attend the event, so that the people of Chiayi can also enjoy the high-quality cultural resources that are not lost to the north.