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Succession planning for key management

Here in the Group, as we always stress, the senior executives shall possess certain professional skills. Moreover, they must, in their words and deeds, exactly be consistent with the faithful Sinyi concept of "doing whatever they should do, fulfilling whatever they say " and further put such concept into faithful enforcement. With the development of their ideas and the practice from the heart, they call for long-term cultivation and implementation. The Company has more than 10 senior executives who are responsible for the relevant business operation within the organization. Further through the sound work rotation and assignment systems, one-on-one experience teaching and coaching guidance modes, business management concept seminars and symposiums, and TEM committee meetings, deepen the awareness and cultivation of the Sinyi philosophy. Through such a sound but complicated process, we have elaborately cultivated capable candidates in order to select important members of the talent echelon.

In response to the Group's organizational development and growth momentum, in addition to efforts of externally recruiting outstanding senior executives, the Company also continues to actively cultivate potential and senior executives, strengthen individual coaching and work exchanges. In due time, we enhance individual guidance and job exchanges matched with assignments in rotation and external assignments in due course. Through such elaborate efforts as a whole, we screen/select omnifarious and comprehensive talents and cultivate and train them through sound plans and goals into the future management teams. The company’s important management succession plan process in recent years is as follows:

  • In 2006, among the senior executives, we selected General Manager Hsueh Chien-Ping to serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Group platform business while at the same time, we handed over the post of General Manager of the Company to Mr. Liu Yuan-Chih, the former Deputy General Manager of Home Services. Mr. Hsueh Chien-Ping, CEO of the Group's Platform, has served as Chairperson of the Company since May 2019.
  • General manager Liu Yuan-Chih served as the Chairman (legal representative) of the company's 14th Board of Directors in May 2022, and in June 2022 Ms. Chen Li-xin who once served as general managers of the intelligent center with complete management experience was on board as General manager.
  • On June 21, 2022, after the Nomination Committee reviewed the qualifications of Ms. Chen Li-xin, she was approved to become the Company's first female general manager by the board of directors.
  • The Company has cultivated a potential senior manager who was promoted as a vice general manager, and was promoted to be the subsidiary Sinyi Global Asset Management Co., Ltd. as the general manager in July 2022. 
  • Mr. Chou Ken-Yu, the senior manager of the Company served as the head of the Data Application & Development Department of the Digital Intelligence Center, cultivated by the vice general manager of the Digital Intelligence Center, Ms. Chen Li-Sin, and was designated to assist General Manager, Mr. Liu Yuan-Chih in the Transformation Office in promoting digital transformation projects from November, 2020. Before the designation, in order to better understand the operation of business units and develop the down-to-earth projects, He also took over as the head of the business unit. After three years of experience, Zhou Gengyu was promoted to the director of the digital intelligence center and served as the transformation chief in October 2021. In December 2023, he handed over the position of digital intelligence center director to the externally-hired Wang Xianzhi, as Chief Digital Officer.
  • The Company continues to select several outstanding supervisors from the district supervisors for key training, including arranging them to participate in the formulation of the head office's projects and policies, and select three district supervisors as special assistants to the deputy general manager, two of whom to be appointed in July 2023 Since then. They have served as the head of the Agency Office of the Second Operation Division and the Third Operation Division of the realty agent business division, and on the other hand, the Company selected district supervisors to work in the staff unit and the general manager's office.
  • The Company's board of directors resoluted on July 25, 2023 to change the "employment relationship" to an "appointment relationship" between the senior excecutives and the Company , and the Company signed an "appointment contract" with the senior executives. The signed appointment contract and the list of senior excecutives were submitted and approved by the Company's remuneration committee at the meeting on July 25, 2023, and the resolution was also submitted to the board of directors.