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Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Scope of Business Operation


Sinyi Realty Inc. and some of its subsidiaries primarily engaged in a real estate broking agency and selling agency, as the brokerage agency for leasehold and sales of real estate. The contents of Sinyi services include leasehold and sales breakage for presale houses in the whole package, surplus unused houses, individual brand new finished buildings, second-hand residences, offices, workshops, land, parking facilities. To unfold such business operations, we have set up multiple branches or business premises, services strongholds throughout Taiwan and have further expanded our business horizons to Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou of China, Tokyo and Osaka of Japan, KL of Malaysia, and among elsewhere of the world in an attempt to serve target groups in Chinese communities. On the other hand, two of our subsidiaries, Sinyi Development Inc., Sinyi Real Estate (Shanghai) Limited, and Jiuxin Real Estate (Wuxi) Limited are real estate developers.

Performance Indicators

based on consolidated financial statements 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Gross Margin(%) 29.56 31.47 32.73 32.40 22.25
Operating Margin(%) 16.17 15.85 20.50 25.07 7.09
Margin Before Income Tax(%) 16.74 16.54 21.85 26.00 14.34
EPS* 2.11 1.71 2.04 3.80 1.41
ROE(%) 13.86 11.57 13.26 27.16 9.88
ROA(%) 5.36 4.68 5.67 11.38 4.36
*:adjusted for capital increase by stock dividend distribution