Sinyi Realty Inc. (the “Company”) is devoted in corporate governance implementation for a long time and has kept improving the practices by strict standards in order to protect stakeholders’ equity. For the soundness of Board of Directors, the Company’s Board of Directors established an Audit Committee on September 12, 2007, a Compensation Committee on August 27, 2010 and a Nomination Committee on October 27, 2017.  In 2008, the Company was awarded CG6003 Corporate Governance Assessment Certification from Taiwan Corporate Governance Association (TCGA), and for the following consecutive 3 years, the Company received Advanced Corporate Governance Assessment Certification (CG6004-CG6006). In 2014, the Company once again received the CG6008 certification, showing the Company’s determination to improve corporate governance. The Company also emphasize on information disclosure by making continuous improvements.

In the 8th and 9th Information Disclosure Evaluation made by R.O.C Securities & Futures Institute, the Company was rated as A+ rating. In 2013, the Company was ranked A++ and also the TOP 20 listed companies in the 10th Information Disclosure Evaluation. And in the 11th and 12th evaluation, the Company was continually rated as the highest A++ rating.

From 2015 to 2021, Taiwan Stock Exchange held the 1st~7th Corporate Governance Evaluation, respectively and Sinyi was ranked in the top 5% of the listed companies. The main reason to won this award is due to positive business ethics, corporate social responsibility implementation and strict self-requirements. Furthermore, corporate governance culture has been deeply rooted in the Board of Directors and all employees. Looking forward, the Company will continue to improve corporate governance implementation and strengthen the management capacity towards the goal of being a sustainable business.

Sinyi Inc. is established based on “Trustfulness” and “Righteousness”, emphasizing the value of honesty and trustfulness and putting into implementation thoroughly our guideline “fulfill whatever we commit and do everything as supposed to”. Therefore, we establish “Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee”which is consisted of each high executives of the Company. Through the quarterly financial and business status report, the Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee reports the board of directors the plans which are related to encourage our fellow staff members to stick to the guiding principles of serving customers through “taking customers into the top consideration to strive for friendship before profit through positive brainstorm”to guide our acts with our business philosophy. Besides, The Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee proposed the revision of the Company's Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles to the board of directors on 2015/3/31 and continues to request all the fellow staff members to read periodically the Principles of Behavior of Sinyi's  Group to ensure them treat all stakeholders trustfully.

The Company sets up the vision of “fulfilling our dedication toward the society and achieving world-class service giant” . With the spirit of “applying whatever acquired from a community to the community”, the Company is devoted for a long period of time to the activities of “One Community One Family” and “Sinyi Volunteers” and the work of carbon reduction and environment protection, which is beneficial to the society.


The Part-time Sector of Corporate Governance and the Performance in Fulfillment

The Company's BOD has approved to appoint Mr. Chen Chih-Huan, the Senior Director of Finance Department, as the chief corporate governance officer on April 8 2019, with the CPA license of R.O.C. and more than nine years experiences of financial management in public limited company is the specialist to be responsible for corporate governance issues. The duty of the specialist is the convener to deal with the corporate governance affairs which include:

(1) Prepare for the materials required for directors, and provide hard copies of meetings to the directors;

(2) Ensure the directors to catch the major information immediately and inform them as soon as possible after issuing major messages;

(3) To enhance the professional ability of each director, providing the information provided by Real Estate Planning & Research Office daily, the industry dynamics quarterly and the related seminar for the independent directors;

(4) Arrange and deal with the schedule of of convening the board meetings and shareholders’ meetings;

(5) Deal with the registration of companies and changes to registration details;

(6) Make meeting records for the board meetings and function-committee meetings after the end of meetings twenty days;

(7) Arrange the inspection activities to the material operation units and subsidiaries for the directors;

(8) Assist the Board and each functional committees to take a self-evaluation each year and external evaluation each three year;

(9) Supervise and enhance the actual corporate governance issues;

(10) Convene investor conferences;

(11) Treat the investors and reply the queries asked by them and announce the results of corporate governance issues;

In 2020, we were ranked as the top 5% of the listed companies by the 6th year of corporate governance assessment by the Taiwan Stock Exchange. This was the fifth time we received this recognition (only 12 companies among the 901 listed companies got the honor); In October 2017, we established the Nominating Committe of the BOD.

In order to maintain the flexibility in business and competitive advantage through continuous innovation, the Companys highest governance unit for intellectual property is the Board of Directors, and an intellectual property management plan has been formulated and reported to the Board of Directors on October 28, 2020. Please refer to the attachment for details. 

Advanced study for dedicated personnel for corporate governance

Implementation of Corporate Governance and the Diversification of Board Member

The 2019 objective of diversification of BOD members is to increase a female and young director. After the re-election of the Company’s BOD members on May 24, 2019, we have another new female director, Ms. Li Yi-Ii, less than age of 50, as an independent director. With working experiences in foreign bank for many years and having served a director or general manager in other listed companies, Ms. Li Yi-li shall provide us more innovative and young concept and rigorous risk management suggestions derived from working in foreign bank.  In response to the Company's business development, the Company shall aim at the “directors with backgrounds and hands-on experiences accumulated in real property development oriented industries or recreational tourism industry in the Board of Directors of the 14th Session”.For more information about the diversification policy of members of board of directors, please refer to the Company annual report.


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