Policies, Rules and Guidelines of CSR 

The Company officially came into being in Year 1987. Since then, we have faithfully stuck to the Sinyi motto focusing notably on “human-oriented” and honor our corporate responsibilities in order to become a world-class company in real estate services.  The Company, in order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and promote the balance and sustainable development of economic, social and environmental ecology, in accordance with “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TSEC/GTSM Listed Companies”, had its “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for Sinyi Realty Inc. ” approved in the Board of Directors in December of 2010 and reported at 2015 annual general shareholders’ meeting for revision.  The Company pays attention to the development of social responsibility system of domestic/overseas enterprises at all times and the transition of enterprise environment, so as to review and improve the corporate social responsibility system implemented by the Company, to upgrade the performance of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.  The Company sets up the vision of “fulfilling our dedication toward the society and achieving world-class service giant” and six rules of sustainable operation.


1. Corporate Governance = What Should be Done
2. Putting People First: Employees as Important Partners
3. Reshaping Customer Service and Creating Happiness for Customers
4. Faithful People → Faithful Company → Faithful Society
5. Pioneering Environmental Awareness in the Service Industry
6. Building Sustainable and Ethical Supply Chains

The Full-time Sector of CSR and the Performance in Fulfillment

The Company has duly set up the Total Ethics Management Committee (known as "TEM Committee" in brief) which runs through the core of corporate social responsibility (CSR) with the Company, and coordinates the Company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development goals. On a regular basis, the TEM Committee checks and verifies the Company's performance and its achievement of the established goals; introduces each and every department to solution of the management and corporate issues related to stakeholders in a planned manner, and, in turn, reports to the Board of Directors every year about the promotion and planning in implementation situation. In ordinary times, the Office of Chief Strategy Officer is responsible for the Company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) related major management themes to look into the issues of concern of the major stakeholders identified by the Company (customers, colleagues, shareholders, society, environment, suppliers) and sorting, management and implementation of such issues into the sound order, management and execution. Thanks to such positive efforts, all interests related to major stakeholders have been well balanced.

At the16th meeting of the 13th Session Board of Directors convened in December 2020, the Company's Chief Strategy Officer reported on the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in all aspects related to the stakeholders in Fiscal 2020 as well as plan for implementation for the ensuing year. Year 2020 Here in the Company, i.e., the Sinyi Group (1) Toward customers, we rolled out “DiNDON”, the brand new intelligent house-viewing tool, optimizing the Sinyi official website and APP, with community oriented APP, research & development and innovation of community service modules to significantly better serve all clients in the communities in which the Company operates. Then Company hosted more than one thousand community activities in 2020; (2) Toward the aspects of the shareholders, the Company completed the digitalization for changes of shares owned by the insiders and regulation announcements and finished the procedure of external performance evaluation of directors. In addition, the Company convened 4 online conference. (3) Toward Sinyi colleagues, we increased the items which employees could use by SinFu Coin. In addition, we also upgraded our learning platform and continued to optimize live teaching and upgrade the quality of digital courses. The Company continues to communicate it business philosophy with its employees through many kinds of meetings every month. On the other hand, the employees also communicated with management team about dozens of issues through the funder’s mailbox and internal communication platform; (4) Toward environment, the number of branch stores with carbon neutral increased to 15. All the branch stores implement green services. In addition, the Company adopts the endangered plant. (5) Toward the society, the Company continues to promote the Creating Communities Action Plan with a total of 1,222 proposals among which were 232 award winners. (6) Toward suppliers, we continually pay attention to human rights issues and implement thoroughly supplier verification, and team up with suppliers to share learning resources and jointly launch innovative services.

Implementation and Achievement of CSR

At the meeting of the Board of Directors convened in December 2019, the Company's Chief Strategy Officer reported on the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in all aspects related to the stakeholders in Fiscal 2019 as well as plan for implementation for the ensuing year.

Stakeholders2019 ProgramPerformance of implementation in 20192020 Program
Customers Efforts to safeguard customer interests and strive for optimal customer satisfaction
• Supporting mechanism for old customers
• Launch worm-damage- proof services

Strengthen community services to put into implementation thoroughly optimal quality of services.
• Make optimal use of digital and innovation to change service attributes
• Set up community services modules
Efforts to safeguard customer interests and strive for optimal customer satisfaction
• We optimize TA3 APP to help provide better customer services.
• We launched the worm-damage-proof system as the first pioneer innovation in the entire realty industry to strengthen community services and implement thoroughly quality of services.
• We optimize the Sinyi official website and APP as well as community oriented APP
• We set up innovative community service module and receive commendable awards for sweet and warm, home lifestyle.
• Sinyi receives Five-Star Service Award granted by Global Views Monthly.
• Sinyi ranked first place among the entire realty industry in the Market-wide Survey conducted by Management Magazine.
• First Prize Award among the entire realty industry services in the Survey by Next Magazine.
• Best Trusted Brand Platinum Award granted by Readers’ Digest.
• Champion Award among entire realty industry, among the Ideal Brand Names awarded by the Business Today.
• The Company conducts the satisfaction survey to each our customer.
Based exactly on customer needs, we develop innovative services.
• Make optimal use of digital and innovation to change service attributes
• Supporting mechanism for old customers
• Promote community- oriented services
Colleagues Efforts to attract outstanding talents
• Business operation via diversified recruitment channels.
• Formulation of admirable employment branding.
• Accelerate the pace to cultivate the capability of Sinyi teammates and executives.

Create friendly workplaces
• All people health care programs.
• Enforcement of flexible benifit “SinFu Coin”
• Strengthen AED Advanced study to successfully pass AED Security Workplace accreditation
• Improve the spatial safety in branches and set up additional non-slip facilities
Efforts to attract outstanding talents
• Deepen the simultaneous operation of existing key universities while developing high-quality universities.
• Upgrade the learning platform and continuous optimization of live teaching and improvement of digital course quality

Formulate staff-friendly workplaces
• Successful AED accreditation for safe workplaces and sports-oriented companies
• Enforcement of flexible benefit with “SinFu Coin”
• Successful completion of additional installation of non-slip bars between stairs of branches

The Company’s employees raised 23 questions through the founder’s mailbox in 2019 which were all replied by the founder, Mr. Chou Chun-Chi. In addition, the Company conducted a leadership styles survey as well
Affirmation with prominent awards
• ASRA Asia Sustainability Report Award; Best Workplace Report Award and Best Diversity Report Award
• The Best Entrepreneurial Employer Award in entire Asia
• Global CSR Awards Empowering Women and Best Workplace Practice Award
• TCSA Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award with Talent Development Award
Efforts to attract outstanding talents
• Diversified recruitment channels for talented teammates
• Formulate Best Employer Brand Name
• Enhance professional capability for Sinyi teammates and executives
• Transformation into credit-oriented system

Healthy and blessed workplaces
• Ensure wholesome occupational safety and health management system
• Set up sound all people health care practice
• Innovate the application and promotion of flexible benefit—SinFu Coin
• Formulate quality workplaces
Shareholders Efforts & acts to optimize corporate governance
• Overall reelection of all director seats to further diversify the roles of directors.
• Visit exemplary enterprises and expert consultants.

Implement thoroughly transparent faithfulness and regulation compliance.
• Introduce into risk management optimization system
• Map out sound regulation compliance system for Sinyi Group.
• Upgrade disclosure and advocacy of governance information
Efforts & acts to optimize corporate governance
• Appointment of female independent directors
• Set up the head of corporate governance.

Implement thoroughly transparent faithfulness and regulation compliance.
• Accredit the new version of risk management policy and launch the annual major risk management projects
• Set up Sinyi Group’s regulation compliance system and set up Law Compliance Office.

Convene 3 online investor conferences in 2019.
Affirmation with remarkable awards
• Sinyi Group was ranked among the top 5% among listed companies in terms of the Fifth Session in Corporate Governance appraisal by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWEC) (The remarkable honors for up to five years in a row). .
• Ranked Third Place Award among all large-scale public and private enterprises, by Commonwealth, scoring 8.78 points in terms of corporate governance.
• Awarded among TCSA Top Ten Sustained Model Enterprises for five years.
• Listed among Taiwan Perpetual Value Index (TWSI) stocks.
Efforts & acts to optimize corporate governance
• Visits by independent directors toward overseas subsidiaries.
• Upgrade disclosure of corporate governance related information, publicize the performance.
• Visit benchmarking enterprises

Implement thoroughly transparent faithfulness and regulation compliance.
• Promotion and implementation of Sinyi Group’s regulation compliance system.
• Monitoring and promotion of Sinyi Group’s risk management.
• Improve accounting systems and processes
• Optimize internal audit system and internal control system.
Society Plan of all people in community development
• Set up a knowledge base for community development with the happiness of the family as the core Sinyi volunteers 2.0
• Value added to volunteer momentum

Combine resources, strengthen influential powers
• Integrate internal & external resources to maximize CSR influential powers.
• Sinyi School offers 100 courses
Plan of all people in community development
• Set up a knowledge base for community development in the community, complete the construction of 300 community cases and related community development articles
• Publicize the plan of all people in community development to combine domestic schools via college youth travel plans

Sinyi volunteers 2.0
• Sponsor 30 volunteers oriented events and produce event videos to combine resources to strengthen influential powers in public benefits.
• Team up with CSR@ Commonwealth and such units sharing accorded consensuses to co-sponsor forums and maximize influential powers.
• Sinyi School implements a total of 90 courses
Combine resources to strengthen influential powers
• Continued effort to enrich the knowledge base for community development in the community to improve communications among different ethnic groups
• Integrate internal & external resources, set up community development base to maximize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) influential powers.
• Carry out diversified; and flexible community volunteer services to accomplish volunteer services up to 13000 hours.
• Combine the global concept of plastic reduction and environmental protection in volunteer activities, with an estimated annual cleanup of 1,000 kg of plastic waste
• Sinyi School maps out for the two main axes with aesthetic design to govern the country and local creative curation, and offers 100 courses.
Environment Low-carbon services
• Service carbon emission reduction and verification thereof

Benefit in ecology
• Promotion of zero-carbon emission stores
• Continued successful pass of ongoing organizational verification.
• Respond to government policies and activities from all people in all walks of life; promote the green spirit of the Sinyi entire staff.
• Demonstrate “circular economy” and share brand new ideas
Low-carbon services
• Continued effort to develop green paperless marketing tools (e.g., interactive house viewing, digital distribution of newspapers).
• ISO14067 Service carbon footprint inventory check.
• Service carbon footprint labels, carbon reduction labels.

Benefit in ecology
• The Company successfully passed PAS2060 carbon neutrality verification and accomplished up to 8 zero-carbon emission Sinyi stores.
• The Company successfully passed organizational environmental verification process.
✓ ISO14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Verification
✓ ISO14046 Water Footprint Verification
✓ ISO50001 Energy Management System Verification
✓ ISO14001 Environmental Management System Verification
• Respond to government policies and activities from all people in all walks of life; promote the green spirit of the Sinyi entire staff.
✓ Sinyi School Environmental Care Symposium
✓ Respond to the government environmental protection policies—by burning no longer worship papers in all worship events.
✓ ISO 20121 Event sustainability management verification
✓ Promote green-oriented procurement
✓ Promote community environmental protection and green services (e.g., repair services).
✓ Promote community-borrowing of goods and services, to demonstrate "circular economy" and share brand new ideas.

Performance in environmental reduction (with 2017 as the base year).
▲ Single-case service carbon footprint↓ 7.94%
▲ Per capita power consumption↓ 4.34%
▲ Total annual power consumption of the entire Group↓ 0.27%
▲ Per capital water consumption ↓ 13.96%
▲ Single-case service paper consumption↓ 17.53%

Achieve carbon neutrality in the operating strongholds (A total of 8 Sinyi Stores).
As the green milestone for realtors in entire globe.
• Zero-carbon Sinyi Store Policy expanded up to fifteen (15) Sinyi Branches in entire Taiwan.
• Continued pass in a variety of environment related verifications.
• Participate in international initiatives to promote the CDP Carbon Disclosure Project.
Suppliers Deepen the inspection & verification mechanism
• Invite suppliers to fill up and complete corporate social responsibility (CSR) self-assessment form
• Increase the number of on-site visits by suppliers
• Sound supply chain management
• Set up a post-visit feedback mechanism of suppliers.
• Track the social impact upon suppliers
• Procurement rotation
Deepen the inspection & verification mechanism
• Both upper & lower stream suppliers are invited to fill up and complete corporate social responsibility (CSR) self-assessment form
• A total of 546 on-site visits in 2019
• Up to 89.7% inspection rate of key suppliers

Sound supply chain management
• Team up with suppliers to share learning resources and jointly launch innovative services.
• Ensure sound track upon management over suppliers in the pre-, mid- and post-visit checklists.
• Continued track upon suppliers in terms of social impact.
• Continued efforts in the procurement rotation
Sound supply chain management
• Share learning resources with suppliers and grow together in innovation
• Deepen management over suppliers in the pre-, mid- and post-visit checklists.
• Continued track upon suppliers' social impact, procurement rotation

Implementation of Fringe Benefits and Sound Retirement System

Benefits and systemImplementation
Flexible Benefit – Sinfu Coin

With a policy of high salaries, high development, and high care, Sinyi's first issued of the internal digital currency “Sinfu Coin” allows employees to choose their own welfare needs. At the same time, it also increases the welfare budget of each employee. In addition to the original items, the self-selected benefits are like learning growth, physical health, and family care. The higher magnification of the project encourages the balanced development of our staff, so that they can build their own happiness flexibly. It is estimated that the flexible benefit system will invest NTD $105 million.


It is expected that through the implementation of this system, the recognition and satisfaction of the organization will be enhanced, and the performance of the company will be more focused on the performance of the work and the dream of the customers.


1.In Sinyi Conglomerate, all full-time regular employees are granted one Sinyi-sponsored health examination in every two years in full, and those full-time regular employees in the ages above 40 are granted one Sinyi-sponsored health examination in every year. Subject to contents from the employees, we take the initiative to help and urge an employee whose examination results indicate a sign of abnormality or extraordinary finding to receive follow-up treatment or observation to assure that all Sinyi employees are in sound health conditions. (Included in SinFu Coin flexible benefit)


2.We hire licensed blind massagists to render massage services to employees to help soothe pressure and to improve their physical and mental fitness. Through such a policy, we offer opportunities to the blind people.


3.We implement health enhancement programs, notably the classes to help employees give up smoking, outpatient abstinence of cigarettes, nutrition management, weight control, physical fitness, pressure management, chronic disease seminars and a variety of health related seminars and such fitness improvement programs.


4. In Sinyi, the Welfare Committee (Fringe Benefit Committee) budgets NT$3,000 for each and every employee every year as the subsidy to the respective departments to sponsor tourist programs (Included in SinFu Coin flexible benefit). For salespeople and staff members with extraordinary performances, we offer incentives for overseas vacations every year.


We offer mutual aid fund in an amount of NT$3,000 to an employee in the first childbirth. Starting from 2013, where an employee gives birth to beyond a second child (inclusive) after he or she has served with Sinyi for one year in full, we offer NT$120,000 incentive money. The statistics indicate that an accumulated total of approximately 540 Sinyi employees had received such incentive money as of 2019.

Recreational activities

On an annual basis, we sponsor softball competitions. All departments would organize their own softball teams to soothe pressure into fitness through the softball games. Such activities would further help team spirit of the entire teams. The Welfare Committee (Fringe Benefit Committee) further budgets NT$5,000 founding subsidy and NT$5,000 for every quarter.

Vacation leaves

Following the requirements set forth under the Labor Standards Law, we grant employees regular leaves of every month and annual vacation leaves. On a regular basis, we provide statistical statements to the department heads to help them make sure of how employees use their vacation leaves. Through such a policy, we help employees well balance their jobs and life.

Support employees

We have selected qualified professional consultation houses outside to render individual consultation services for employees aiming at their career, family affairs, relationship with children, affection life, mental and physical pressure, legal and wealth management issues, to assure that all Sinyi employees will be perfect mental fitness.

Individual and family occasions

All departments of Sinyi Conglomerate sponsor birthday parties from time to time on a nonscheduled basis every month. Toward employees whose birthdays fall within that month, we offer gift coupons. Toward employees who are in the events of wedding, funeral or hospitalization, a significant calamity, we offer mutual aid benefits in various amounts as the actual situations may justify.

Sound retirement system

Exactly in accordance with the requirements by laws and ordinances concerned, appropriate 6% of their monthly pays into the individual account opened with the Bureau of Labor Insurance for newly employees newly hired starting from July 1, 2005 and employees who have chosen new system Labor Pension Act. For the existent employees who continually choose the old pension system regulations and for the service seniority retained under the old system of employees who choose new pension regulations, we appropriate the pension reserve funds at the right amounts into the specially designated (earmarked) account in Bank of Taiwan based on the original criteria to calculate pension. Our pension system as of the end of 2020 is in compliance with the regulatory requirements and sufficient to cover the colleagues applicable to the previous system by the end of 2021.

For Sinyi teammates assigned by the organizations to affiliated enterprises, we continue calculation of their service seniority to assure the purposes of sound interflow of human resources. For overseas subsidiaries, we ascertain the appropriation system. In accordance with the requirements by the local governments, we pay endowment, medical treatment service funds and such funds for social assurance.

The amount of pension which the Company contributed in 2020 was NT$ 187,207 thousand. As of December 31, 2020, the balance of old pension were NT$577,602 thousand.
The procedures and qualification of applying for pension are as follows:
Those the Company’s employees who are either (1) 55 years older with seniority exceeding 15 years or (2)with seniority exceeding 25 years or (3) 60 years older with seniority exceeding 10 years shall have the right to apply for retirement.
The Company’s human resource unit should examine the application of the employee who meets criteria of retirement and then hand it over to the retirement supervisor committee for review and apply to Bank of Taiwan for a lump-sum pension payment to the employee.
The Company’s employee who is 60 years or older may claim himself/herself to Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor for retirement payment according to the following regulations:
1. Employees whose seniority exceeds 15 years may choose to receive either monthly pension payments or a lump-sum pension payment.
2. Employees whose seniority is less than 15 years shall claim for a lump-sum pension payment.


Protecting measures for the workplaces in personal safety

Employment Insurance System

1.Labor insurance:Exactly pursuant to the Labor Insurance Act, including insurance benefits in childbirth, injury, disease, disablement, endowment and death.

2.National Health Insurance:Exactly pursuant to the National Health Insurance, granting medical treatment service when an insured person and his or her dependent is in a disease, injury, childbirth and such events.

3.Group Employee Insurance:With contents of assurance including time life insurance, accident injury insurance, accident medical treatment service insurance, inpatient service insurance, cancer medical treatment service insurance and occupation-oriented calamity insurance.
Besides, when an employee receives inpatient service, the per diem benefit is raised to NT$2,000 so that all employees may enjoy substantial group assurance.

4.To help our staff members ease up a potential responsibility
when an employee causes a third party into injury when use of transportation, we further purchase third party liability insurance for Sinyi employees who ride motorcycles as added assurance for their carefree dedication to Sinyi.

5.The contents covered in the additional insurance include time life insurance, accident injury insurance for employees and their spouses, children; medical treatment service for an accident for employees’ spouses, children, inpatient medical treatment service for spouses, parents and cancer medical treatment service for spouses and children.

Establishment of secured workplace environment

1.Personal safety, security for equipment & facilities:

(1)All female brokers and branch secretaries are provided with carry-on alarm. Besides, each branch is established with 24-hou security monitoring system. (2)Anti-fire seminars sponsored on a half-year regular basis.

(3)Promotional propaganda on traffic rules and regulations is raised on a monthly regular basis.

(4)Guiding letter of power utilization safety and control is sent on a quarterly regular basis.

(5)Guiding letter of sexual harassment prevention is sent on a monthly regular basis.

(6)The Sinyi Conglomerate Headquarters is equipped with Automated External Defibrillator (AED) while the newly coming branch heads and branch secretaries are trained how to adopt the AED and CPR on a year regular basis.

(7)The fire control equipment and building public safety of the head quarter is inspected on a monthly regular basis.

(8) Overall installations of anti-sliding bars upon staircases for all Sinyi Branches.

2.Efforts to set up green workplaces:

(1)Set up communicating APP for internal and issue news about career and health monthly to colleagues’ notice

(2)Set up a personalized "Health Management Center" on the company's internal website to provide an annual health check record for colleagues to record health data and other information at any time.

(3)Continually enhance wholesome workplace environments, e.g., poison-free decoration, disinfection on a quarterly regular basis.

Implementation of “EAP Employee Aid Program”

We help employees preclude potential interference factors beyond profession. Taking the lead to follow suit advanced European and American countries in implementation of “Employee Aid Program” (EAP).


By means of psychological, legal, medical treatment and such diversified, comprehensive and multifaceted professional consultations, we assure employees to own balanced physical & mental lifestyle and to, in turn, accomplish the goal of “working amidst the utmost pleasure”.


For further information, please visit our CSR website:http://csr.sinyi.com.tw/en/index.php


Human rights management policies and specific programs thereof

Since Sinyi Realty Inc. first came into being, we have always adhered to the "people-oriented, i.e., customers-first" faithful spirit, and faithfully complied with the " United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)", "United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights ", "United Nations International Labor Organization" as well as such human rights standards, to put an end to any violations of human rights. As always, we respect and treat entire Sinyi staff members with dignity. We require suppliers and all business teammates to conduct business activities in the very prime principle of absolutely no infringement upon fundamental human rights to ensure that they are treated fairly and with dignity.


On the grounds of the aforementioned very guiding policies, the Company's human rights management policies and specific programs as concretely enumerated below:

Human right management policies Specific programs
We provide and ensure safe and healthful workplace environment.
• As detailed on the aforementioned chapter of “corporate social responsibility (CSR)” 之 “Working environment and personal safety protection measures”.
Help Sinyi teammates maintain and ensure sound physical and mental health and work-life balance • We launch “EAP Colleague Assistance Program”; .
• The entire Sinyi staff members are granted 1.5-hour lunch break, an adequate period to restore momentum for a full play in performance.
• Sinyi grants full financial subsidy for employees as required for health examination.
• Sinyi implements health promotion programs, such as smoking cessation classes / outpatient smoking cessation policies.
• Sinyi implements flexible benefit system with “Sinfu Coins”
Sinyi launches “three highs” policy, i.e., high-pay, high-development and high-concern. • A newly hired -`Sinyi salesperson is assured for the salary of NT$60,000 per month for six months.
• Sinyi is well known for very sound and unobstructed channels for promotion, without the so-called double-yellow-line against promotion.
• Sinyi implements the master system, cultivates and trains newly hired teammates with the “palm-down” concept.
We recruit newly hired Sinyi teammates exactly according to law, absolutely free of potential discrimination. • We ensure that the Sinyi recruitment teams handle the employment process in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, e.g., Labor Standards Act, absolutely without potential discrimination on race, gender, age and other aspects.
• We arrange all newly hired employees to attend the workplace equality courses.
Here at Sinyi Group, we absolutely prohibit forced labor and faithfully abide by local government labor laws • We faithfully implement the vacation system and encourage colleagues to focus on work-life balance.
We have executed human rights clauses with suppliers and implemented on-site audit practice. • We invite each and every supplier to fill out the corporate social responsibility (CSR) self-assessment form, with an aggregate total of 546 on-site visits in 2019


In an effort to profoundly cultivate Sinyi teammates’ understanding in their rights and interests, help maintain their physical and mental health as well as work balance, and fully implement education and training of newly hired employees, we faithfully carry out advanced study with hours and person times as follows:

Issues and related courses


Newly hired employees oriented training programs


Total hours

Total trainees


Personnel salary and fringe benefits






Awareness of the Business Philosophy of Sinyi






Workplace Health Management






Personnel salary and fringe benefits(Physical & Online)






Awareness of the Business Philosophy of Sinyi(Physical & Online)






Workplace Health Management(Physical & Online)












In an effort to implement thoroughly the concept of promoting colleagues' occupational safety, we have retained guest professors to lecture on motorcycle traffic safety regulations and concepts. The relevant training hours and attendance facts are as enumerated below:

Issues and related coursesYearHourNewly hired employees oriented advanced studyOn-the-job advanced study
Number of traineesNumber of traineesPercentages
Occupational Safety and Health Management202015694,780100%