Q:When was Sinyi Realty Inc. established and when were Sinyi Realty Inc. shares listed?
A:Sinyi Realty Inc. was established on January 21, 1987 and its shares were traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on September 17, 2001 under TSE stock code “9940”.
Q:What is Sinyi’s dividend policy?
A:The dividend policy of the Company is to deliberately distribute dividends, in the light of present and future development plan, taking into consideration the investment environments, fund demands, and domestic competition status, as well as factors of interests of shareholders; provided. However, the amount of proposed earning distribution of current year may not be less than twenty percent of accumulated distributable earnings. In distributing dividends and bonuses to shareholders, the distribution shall follows:
(1) At least one percent distributed as the employee's remuneration that shall be distributed by stock or cash in accordance with the resolution of the board of directors, and the issuer shall include the subordinate company that meets certain conditions;
(2) The directors' remuneration is limited to one percent;
(3) After deducting the first two balances, the dividends are distributed on the basis of the Company's best capital budget and the capital required meeting the capital budget, and the remaining portion distributes the cash dividend. Of which the cash dividend shall not be less than ten percent of the total amount of the dividends.
Q:What is the number of Sinyi’s outstanding shares?
A:As of Dec 31, 2020, the Company has 736,846,500 shares outstanding.
Q:How can I participate in Sinyi’s dividend payments?
A:Shareholders must have Sinyi’s shares through the day before the ex-right date or ex-dividend date to be entitled to dividend payments.
Q:What is Sinyi’s shareholder structure?
A:Please go to Market Observation Post System (http://mops.twse.com.tw) for more information.
Q:In recent years, why did Sinyi involve in real estate development both in Taiwan and mainland China aggressively? What is Sinyi's advantage? And why choose Shanghai as the main investment location?
A:Sinyi's long-term vision  is to provide customers integrated services related to real estate. Combined with the concept of long-term community involvement, we hope to create high-quality living environment across the strait. Depending on the accumulated experience over the years as being a property agency, we understand to a certain degree what is the ideal housing for customers. And incidentally we recruited talented construction personnel and thus begun the development business. Sinyi has always been based on sound business principles, the development projects have been through prudent risk assessment. And acquirement of land in Shanghai is through a transparent competitive bidding, coupled with its population remaining stable growing; therefore Shanghai was selected as our main development location.
Since we have operated in the mainland China for several years, we are confident to build houses in line with customers’ needs. Our development project in Jiading district, Shanghai, is different to other constructers’ projects which are mainly in pursuit of fast capital turnover by standardized products supply. In conjunction with the understanding of cross-strait user needs based on the property agency experience, we will give customers more humane care, combined with cross-strait resources to develop a project with our own characteristics. And we also hope to improve the local community environment and living style, this idea highly appreciated and welcomed by local government.
Due to the large scale, capital intensive characteristics of real estate development, we will carry out planning in advance and timely introduce partners who recognize our business philosophy to establish a highly-efficient team. Combining the advantages of cross-strait software and hardware resources and recruitment and training of talented personnel, we are confident to create another long-term stable and profitable new business. With the current property agency channel, we believe we can get the complementary results of operations.
Q:How many stores in Taiwan? Where are the main distribution areas and the relative percentage?
A:As of January 2021, we have 470 stores in Taiwan, mainly in the greater Taipei area, and metropolitan areas as Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. Around 61% stores is located in the greater Taipei area.
Q:How to get the information of on-line conference?
A: In addition to disclosing related information on Taiwan Stock Exchange ,M.O.P.S. before the convening, we also have this information available on the company website. (http://www.sinyi.com.tw/info/i_4_1_news_EN.php) Please leave your contact information by e-mailing to investor@sinyi.com.tw, we will send the electronic invitation letter to you.
Q:What is whole real estate planning service?
A:In the past, when the clients had the demand to purchase a house, they needed to contact many branches of real estate agencies and different selling sites, delivering the demands of purchase repeatedly to the different agents. The procedures were time-consuming and the information of demand was hard to be identified. Sinyi develops a platform to integrate its group’s advantages. Through the all brand new real estate consulting services provided by the platform and a single realtor or a single channel, the clients can get the complete information of the second-hand houses, presale houses, new finished buildings and foreign (especially Japan Tokyo) real estate. They can also obtain the most effective whole real estate planning to optimize their assets.